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Northeastern University Credit Union can offer you the best you may expect from financial services. We’re here to provide you with a wide range of competitive products every step of the way.

What we offer


Northeastern University Credit Union can offer you a solution to any financial situation you may face!

Auto Loans for new and used vehicles with terms up to 72 months and APR from 2,5% based on your vehicle. Refinancing and 100% financing without a down payment are also available.

Recreation Vehicles and Boat Loans with a maximum term of up to 120 months and APR from 6,5% depending on the vehicle year. The loan provides up to 80% financing for new vehicles and up to 60% of book value for used vehicles.

Snowmobiles and Personal Watercrafts Loans for snowmobiles and watercrafts no older than one year with a maximum term up to 36 months and APR from 12%. We can finance up to 80% of the purchase price or book value.

Personal Secured Loans with vehicle collateral, terms up to 60 months, and APR as low as 10%.

Regular Share/CD Secured Loans that are secured by the balance in Share Savings Account or Certificate of Deposit. These loans at a dividend rate plus 3.25% have terms up to 72 months.

Personal Unsecured Loans that are offered for debt consolidation, paying off credit cards, medical bills, car repairs, or any other current expenses. The maximum term is up to 60 months with a rate as low as 11% APR.

Loans Secured by Real Estate with 80% of the maximum loan value. We can also offer you a credit line with 15 years drawn period and five years repayment period.

Vacation Loans with a repayment period of up to 12 months and 8% APR.

Credit Card Loans with a low rate of only 9.99% APR and terms vary with the amount.

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Northeastern University Federal Credit Union offers online mortgage application and approval 24 hours a day, plus many other helpful features to help you evaluate your options, estimate payments, check rates, and more. The option is available with 10 to 30 years’ terms.


Share Savings Account with a $10 minimum balance at all times and an Annual Percentage Yield of 0,10%. This account establishes your membership with the Northeastern University Federal Credit Union.

Club Accounts that work as additional savings accounts with the same criteria as Share Savings.

Checking Accounts with no minimum balance requirements, free online banking, debit MasterCard access, and unlimited check writing and withdrawals.


Enjoy 24-hour access to your NEUFCU accounts and use our locator to find a Fee-Free ATM service near you.


Take out our Home and Car insurance program that is available for Members only.

Take advantage of all the benefits associated with credit union membership. To become a member, visit the credit union office. We’re waiting for you to become a part of us!